2804, 2021

IOMICA position statement on upcoming World Championship – Croatia

April 28th, 2021|

To all World Council Members:
I hope this message finds each and every one of you in good health and in good spirits. 
I have attached Robert Walsh’s  (IOMICA Vice Chairman of Events) recent position statement concerning pandemic related travel restrictions and their potential impact on our upcoming World Championship hosted by Croatia. Rob’s statement will also be posted on our IOM site for viewing as well under the Latest News tab within the next 48 hours.   https://www.iomclass.org/latest-news/
IOMICA have acknowledged concerns regarding worldwide travel from its membership. As a result have sought to address these concerns.  Following discussion within the IOMICA Executive, the Events Team,  and the host of the next international IOMICA event (CRO NCA),  it was agreed further clarification was needed to allow all National Class Associations  (NCA’s)  to be able to attend in this post COVID 19 pandemic.
Therefore,  IOMICA has agreed to conduct a review of all travel restrictions on all NCAs 6 months in advance of the first day of racing.  In the event that any travel restrictions remain in place,  the event will be postponed until the 30th October 2022 through 4th November 2022.
Furthermore, to enable NCAs to conduct their qualification processes, championship regulations will be changed from 6 calendar months to 4 calendar months.
IOMICA wishes to thank the IRSA for its cooperation and endorsement of the above approach.
IOMICA looks forward to welcoming all NCA members back to the first international event post COVID 19 in the near future.

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