Frequently Asked QuestionsWritten by George Georgiadis on 28 May 2012.

Q: How do I register on the website and forum?

Here are the steps to register on

  1. Go to
  2. Go to resources / new forum
  3. Once at the forum go to the upper right, right above the date and time and click on register
  4. You will see a user agreement that you will need to agree to the terms.
  5. Once you agree to the terms you will go to the “ forum – registration” page. Here is where you enter your information. Because of spammers and robots that go on forums and create accounts at random we have a certain username rules. You will need to follow these rules so that we know that you are a real IOM skipper and not an automatic computer process that creates random accounts. Our requirement is to enter your user name as first initial, space, last name space USA space hull number (or personal sail number if you have one). Here is an example of user id “j smith usa 123”.  During the validation of the registration on our side, we check all requests against issued sail numbers. You may thing that this is an extreme but historically we receive 50 requests a week from spammers.
  6. Enter and confirm your email address. Any valid email address is OK. You will receive an email from the administrator once the request is processed.
  7. Enter and confirm your password (any password between 6 and 100 characters is OK)
  8. Set you time zone.
  9. Enter the confirmation code you see on the screen. If you cannot read it, select refresh for a new one. It will help you to read the code characters if you visualize that they were written with a spray paint and you had paint runs.

The administrators will receive the request and you will receive an email notification. Once you are registered on the site you will receive your forum accounts. Your id for this account is the id as you entered it on step 5 above.  For example “j smith usa 123”.  Password is the password you selected during the registration process.  You only need to register on the forum if you want to make a post.

Q: How do I get a hull number?

If you got a used boat it might already have a hull number.  The hull number follows the boat and it does not remain with the owner.  To transfer an old number or to get a new one contact Ted Flack at

Q: How to I have my boat measured?

To setup a measuring session for your IOM contact one of the measurers in your area.  List of active IOM measurers can be found here

Q: What is a personal sail number?

Usually the sail number is the last two digits of the hull number.  When the boat is sold the hull number follows the hull and the sail number will have to change.  The personal sail number is a number assigned to a skipper and it can be flown on multiple hulls.  The sail number is renewable every 3 years.  For more information contact Ted Flack at

Q: How do I register my IOM?

Refer to the posting by Ted Flack on this link